WEDNESDAY 6 October @ 7pm: "The Gateway of the Monster" with Bear Silvershad

In the first story of the series, "The Gateway of the Monster,” Carnacki is summoned to investigate a noisy spirit that tears off the bed clothes and slams the door of the Grey Room — the site of a grisly murder generations ago in an ancient family mansion. However, the manifestation is far more powerful than he expects and he spends a miserable, terrified night in his electric pentacle while a horrible apparition in the form of a human hand pounds at his defenses.

Thomas Carnacki is a supernatural detective, the protagonist of a series of six short stories written between 1910 and 1912 by English fantasy writer William Hope Hodgson, later published as a collection in “Carnacki the Ghost Finder,” published in 1913. Story in voice.

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