FRIDAY 22 October @ 7pm: DRACULA!

Dracula, by Irish author Bram Stoker, will involve nine storytellers voicing fifteen characters from the classic tale. The cast includes:
Shandon Loring as Count Dracula
Crap Mariner as Jonathan Harker
Marian Dragovar as Lucy Westenra
Bear Silvershade as Dr. John Seward
Caledonia Skytower as Mina Murray-Harker
Corwyn Allen & Elder Priestman as Abraham Van Helsing
Aoife Lorefield, Derry McMahon, and Gina Pralou, provide additional voices and narration.

“Our goal is to challenge the boundaries of the storytelling format, without crossing the line into a full theatrical production” said Storyteller Caledonia Skytower, whose RL career experience is in theatre production. “To that end we are not emphasizing correct dialects or accents, not blocking the presentation.” Readers will appear in single costumes, and stand in one position in a setting inspired by one of the many castles from the life of the legendary Vlad Dracula. A sound effects board, developed by Storyteller Shandon Loring, will enable the cast to utilize a discrete number of sound and music effects to enhance the story experience. This performance is at the Seanchai Library

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