Fall has always been a season of changes and forward motion, and the West of Ireland Library will be making a few changes. On September 23rd, we will tell the last story at our current home, the West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center, and will re-open on September 26th at our new home at Info International Island as the Seanchai Library.

The Community Virtual Library (CVL), a non-profit, 4 sim estate owned and inhabited by a consortium of libraries from the Mid-West, has offered us a nice parcel with plenty of support and in the midst of a library and literary community. All events that are on the calendar remain - we are hoping to make this a fairly seamless transition.

We have all loved the West of Ireland (WOI), and it was the perfect incubator for a library program based on the live presentation of literature in all forms. But not all roads run parallel forever and, as needs and expectations change, new paths of growth and opportunity must be embraced to keep a program dynamic and relevant. While we will miss our friends in WOI, please remember we are only a teleport away. We are grateful to all of those at WOI who supported the creation and experimentation that has been the journey of growth for the program. Many, many thanks!

A landmark to the new site will be forthcoming before September 23rd.


First of all, this blog will remain, though the page will be retitled. The URL will remain the same -- so no worries there!

We have formed a new group, and those wishing notices of events after September 26th will need to join this new group called Seanchai Library. Notices will no longer be sent to Beautiful Minds or Wild Irish Women after September 23rd. The WOI Library group will remain active a little longer. Please contact Derry McMahon or Caledonia Skytower to be added to the new group, or SEARCH for “Seanchai Library” and join at no cost. We hope you will join us in our new home, beginning with a storytelling event 3-5pm on September 26.

Feel free to email Librarian Derry McMahon with any questions.

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