WEDNESDAY 4 August @ 7pm: A Sci Fi Sampler with Gyro Muggins

Join Gyro for these two great stories (told in voice):The Wonder Horse by George Byram (1957)What do you do when you're a race horse breeder and a new foal is a horse, nothing more, except ... every single part of that horse is better than anything seen before. Do you race him? And if you do and the world finds out, what then?
"What's He Doing In There?", a science fiction comedy by Fritz Leiber (1957)In a secret visit, the first Martian on Earth stays with an anthropologist and his family. After repeatedly asking "Where is it?" comprehension dawns on the family and the Martian is given directions to the bathroom. He goes in, and stays, and stays.... For a while the family hears water running, then silence. As time passes they all wonder, "What's He Doing In There?"

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