MONDAY, August 16th at 7:00pm: Part I - Nim's Island

Wendy Orr's delightful adventure, Nim's Island, is a story of a girl, an iguana, a tropical island, and email.

Meet Nim - a modern day Robinson Crusoe. She can chop down bananas with a machete, climb tall palm trees, and start a fire with a piece of glass.

So she's not afraid when her scientist dad sails off to study plankton for three days, leaving her alone on their island. Besides, it is not like no one is looking after her - she's got a sea lion to mother her and an iguana for comic relief. She also has an interesting new email pal.

But when her father's cell phone calls stop coming and disaster seems near, Nim has to be stronger and braver than ever before. And she'll need all her friends to help her.

Presented Live in Voice.

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