WEDNESDAY 28 April @ 7pm: Sci Fi Short Stories with Gyro Muggins

More great science fiction from Gyro! Tonight he brings: "The Truth About Pyecraft" - H.G. Wells, A portly man learns an aquaintance has a Gypsy grandmother who dabbles in magic. After being incessently pestered to have his grandmother make a potion "for loss of weight," the young man does what he's asked. Be careful what you wish for; you might get it...and..."Loo Ree" - Zenna Henderson, What do you do when you're a first grade teacher and the imaginary friend of one of your students asks you to teach her to read?

(Bonus: if there is time, "Second Class Citizen" - Damon Knight, A dolphin tries his best to deal with the world of humans until the student suddenly becomes the teacher.) Stories in voice!

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