THURSDAY April 22nd at 7pm: Irish Gothic Tales

If it's Baroque, don't fix it!
It was not a dream, I was in a different state - I felt differently and strangely; and yet it was all as real, as clear and vivid, as what I now see and hear – it was a reality.
Gothic sensibility is a haunted one. Protagonists are haunted by memories, by ghosts and supernatural beings, by the uncanniness of the unfamiliar made familiar and the familiar made unfamiliar, and by their own selves – often alienated and impressionable.
Reality is presented as an arbitrary interpretation of experience and phenomena, making the crises of the Gothic protagonist more than just dark fairy tales, lamentations or nightmares from which escape is possible.
Come experience a different 'reality' in tales from such greats as H.P. Lovecraft and the Irish Gothic master Sheridan Le Fanu.
But don't be scared, it's only real.
Sir Dominick's Bargain-A Legend of Dunoran
by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
The Evil Clergyman
by HP Lovecraft
From Beyond
by HP Lovecraft

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