SUNDAY, March 14th at 6pm Caledonia in Magicland

What is it with these girls? This one accepts food from questionable strangers and keeps house for seven little men (all older than she, I bet) and it is "strictly platonic!" Wouldn't you be a little nervous with all those little men around YOUR bed?

Another Fairy Tale Adventure with Caledonia in Magicland sharing some of the different versions of the Snow White Tale. Not quite as prolific as Cinderella, the Snow White archetype still emerges across several cultures (those wacky Slavs and Celts again!) and is thought by some to have had its origins in Greece. Take THAT Grimm Brothers!

Caledonia will read a few of these at Magicland tonight at 6pm. What next after that? Maybe tales that involve frogs : )

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