MONDAY, March 1 at 7:00pm - Part I: "The Irish Dresser"

Tonight, Caledonia starts Cynthia G. Neale's book "The Irish Dresser" about hope and Irish spirit during "The Great Hunger," also known as The Great Potato Famine of 1845 - 1850. During "An Gorta More" over one million Irish people perished from starvation and disease, and over two million had no choice but to leave Ireland and emigrate to new lands across the sea. Ireland, and English colony at that time, was profoundly changed socially and culturally by the Famine. This event was among the greatest human tragedies of the nineteenth century. Come hear about it through the words and experiences of 13 year old Nora McCabe.

"'The Irish Dresser' is a powerful look at the Great Hunger....Neale fleshes out the bones of history with the experiences of one family, one young girl..." (Rebecca Rule)

"The Irish Dresser is an exciting, entertaining, and highly recommended story of taking risks and facing new challenges for the sake of hope." (Midwest Book Review)

"To forget the hunger, 13-year-old Nora McCabe hides in her family's big dresser and daydreams about food and a richer life...she stows away in it for a long journey filled with sickness, hunger, and unfair treatment of the poor. In addition to the gripping plot, the story is told in the cadences of Irish speech." (Washington Parent)

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