WEDNESDAY 17 Feb @ 7pm: "The Mark of a Druid" Meet the Author

Join us for a 'meet the author' session with Rhonda R. Carpenter (Insight Zadark in SL)
Bio: Rhonda R. Carpenter is an award winning Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression. Her first fiction fantasy novel was released in December 2008. She lives and works in the mountains of Southern California. For more information here are her websites where she blogs about life, writing, podcasting and publishing; Book Info: Here is where it is available in all the formats.

Back cover Blurb: When twenty-six-year-old Eve McCormick awakes, the images from her nightmare are indelible. The dream feels so real she must force herself to get a grip. This experience is just the beginning for Eve, a Los Angeles clinical hypnotherapist and researcher investigating whether reincarnation is fact or fiction.
Unstoppable visions of an ancient lifetime steal days from her. The danger escalates when she wakes up physically injured and marked with a strange symbol. While Eve battles the past to maintain her sanity and safety, her project is jeopardized as another researcher's attempts to take over. One partner dies and another is accused of inappropriate conduct. Eve and her friend, Dr. Andrea McMurray, don't believe in coincidence and probe their shared visions for answers.
On the other side of the Atlantic, Welshman Ryerson Sanders is haunted by his dreams and believes Eve's research project can help him. For both of them, an ancient Celtic prophecy and long-sought revenge entangles the past with the present. A druidess and a shape-shifter must join to save the druid way of life, while a queen conspires to kill Erin's only high king. Will the oaths and agendas of the past reach across the centuries to strengthen or to destroy?
Join us to hear excerpts and chat with the author!

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Rhonda said...

I am so looking forward to meeting you all at WOI tonight!
Hope to see your all there!
Rhonda R Carpenter
AKA Insight Zadark