SUNDAY 21 Feb @ 3pm: Meet "The Fox" Author! Arlene Radasky

Join us to meet the author of this wonderful book! She will read excerpts, and chat about her writing. The Fox is a story of a first century Druid, his family, and the modern Archaeologist who finds them.

The Fox, contains adventure, ancient Celtic beliefs, sacrifice, love of family, ancient and modern culture, and divorce. Jahna and Lovern’s clan lay in the Romans’ path of destruction. The death of their people is a certainty, unless a bargain is made with the Gods, even if it means a human sacrifice. Will the trade the Druid Lovern and his visionary wife, Jahna make with the Gods, save their family? Will there be future generations to sing the songs of their dead?

Two centuries later, Aine MacRae is on their trail. She’s a struggling archaeologist, on the verge of uncovering the village were Jahna and Lovern lived. She’s found the farm where her site is located is for sale! But for a ghostly, visit greed almost triumphs leaving the truth and ancient stories buried forever.

Imarad Breen, a frequent visitor to the West of Ireland Library, will read some of her book, and share her thoughts on writing with us.

You can find a link to the download of her podiocast of the book there and listen for free! You can also purchase a print copy, or download to a number of different formats.

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