SUNDAY, July 27th at 1:30pm: TEA TIME with Jeeves

Tea Time continues it stroll into summer and the world of author and humorist P.G. Wodehouse, featuring two of his most memorable characters: Bertie Wooster and his inscrutable valet, Jeeves.

THIS WEEK: "The Aunt and The Sluggard"

In New York, Bertie is surprised to be woken by his friend Rockmetteller "Rocky" Todd, who normally lives quietly in the country. Rocky received a letter from his "ailing" aunt in Illinois and namesake, Miss Isabel Rockmetteller: she will pay Rocky an allowance, on the condition that he live in New York and write to her once a week about his experiences there so she can enjoy the city second-hand. 

What could possibly go wrong?

Caledonia Skytower, Kayden Oconnell, and Da5id Abbot live on Stream, in Ceiliuradh Glen.

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