An encore 8 years in the making!  Derry McMahon, Bear Silvershade, and Caledonia Skytower come
together again to present Robert A. Heinlein's story of young love, life on a lunar colony, tourism, and taking flight in more ways than one.

Young love is often hard on those experiencing it for the first time. Take 15-year-old Holly, for example. A lunar colonist and aspiring starship designer, who has something of a crush on her closest male friend, Jeff, with whom she shares a particular passion: that of flying.

Another element to life on the Moon is that of tourism: playing host to “groundhogs”, as the locals call them, who like to visit the Moon. One such tourist is Ariel, a glamorous woman to whom Holly is assigned to as a guide.

It all goes well to start with – until Holly introduces Ariel to Jeff. To her dismay, Holly find herself facing The Menace From Earth: Jeff is quite smitten with Ariel. As her jealousy grow, so Holly starts to resent Ariel more and more – but what to do?

Presented, live on stream.

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