THURSDAY March 1st at 7pm: Monsters & Myths - SIRENS pt2

"a capricious goddess, a magical demigod, a brave youth"
Sirens, half-women, half-birds, who, through enchanting song, call ships and sailors to their destruction. Perched atop sea rocks, the Sirens' seductive voices lure vessels onto the jagged reefs and send men overboard to their deaths.
Once sea-nymphs, the Sirens were cursed by the vengeful sorceress, Circe, whose jealousy was aroused by their youthful spirit and beauty.
Many fall victim to the alluring song of the Sirens. The heroic voyager, Ulysses, finds safe passage only by having himself lashed to the ship's mast and ordering his crew to plug their ears with wax.
This exciting tale draws us into many adventures and mythological encounters. The broad cast of characters includes a capricious goddess, a magical demigod, a brave youth, and the carefree nymphs of sea and glade - all magnified and illuminated within the turbulent world occupied by heroes, gods, and monster.

Book: SIRENS Author: Bernard Evslin

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