WEDNESDAY, April 26th - A Celebration of "Special Magnificence"!

It's Tolkien Day at Fantasy Faire Litfest!

We'll be over at the Party Field on THE HILL sharing tales of rings, and things ...

@1PM - TOLKIEN GOES PARTYING - Dubhna Rhiadra & Caledonia Skytower
We all think of J.R.R. Tolkien as a scholarly gentleman with a penchant for language and myth.  Come to realize, there’s some pretty great parties to be found in his published works.  Caledonia Skytower and Dubhna Rhiadra present “An Unexpected Party” (from The Hobbit) and “A Long-Expected Party” (from The Fellowship of the Ring) To be followed by dancing and fireworks in the party field.

Seanchai Library takes you on a walk through Middle Earth, with selections from different episodes in the works of Tolkien involving The One Ring.. Corwyn Allen, Aoife Lorefield, Kayden Oconnell, .

All stories live in voice.
Fantasy Faire Litfest Benefits Relay for Life.

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