MONDAY, August 29th at 7pm: THE CRUCIBLE OF TIME

Gyro Muggin’s takes his audience into the novel by John Brunner. First published in 1983 as a novel-length series of stories grown out of a two-part story first published in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

Imagine a planet existing in a debris-strewn corner of the galaxy. Cosmic dust and rubble cause an endless succession of ice ages followed by tropical warmth followed by more ice ages, and on and on. Meteors of all sizes plummet to the surface of the planet frequently and burgeoning civilizations have a sad tendency to be wiped out all of a sudden. Society survives, sort of, but the brightest scientists know that to survive long term, the race has to transcend the surface of the planet and become a space-faring species. In a story that spans millennia, a determined group of people take control of their own evolution and build the technological society that will be their way into space. Long before Brian Aldiss’s magisterial Helliconia series, even before some of Arthur C. Clarke’s grand future visions, John Brunner led the way in imagination and scope of vision.

A grand adventure of an alien world by John Brunner.  Gyro Muggins live in Voice.

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