@ 1:30pm Tea Time at Baker Street continues...
. . . our sojourn at Crazy Eights on LEA 9 with the next adventure from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's collection "The Return of Sherlock Holmes"

THIS WEEK: The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter
Godfrey Staunton is missing! 

Mr. Cyril Overton of Trinity College, Cambridge comes to Holmes seeking his help in Godfrey Staunton's disappearance. Staunton is the key man on Overton's rugby team (who plays at the three-quarters position, hence the story's title), and they will never win the important match tomorrow against Oxford if Staunton cannot be found. Holmes has to admit that sport is outside his field, but he shows the same care he has shown to his other cases. The game is truly a foot!

@ 3pm Storytellers' Sandbox
For this final Sandbox session on LEA 9, we welcome two delightfully different story offerings:

Eleseren Brianna is a gifted artist, stylist, and writer.  COO of Windlight Magazine and the creative force behind "The Edge," she shares an original story at the Sandbox today.

The Cold Shot Players promote writing, reading and theater.  And they do it cold, no prep.  They thrive on spontaneity.  Today they share an new, original radio show with the Sandbox audience.

Your seat in the Crazy Eights Arena is waiting for you!

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