MONDAY, December 21st at 7:00pm: ESCAPE CLAUSE with Gyro Muggins

by Rod Serling
ISBN: 978-0962344732
A hypochondriac makes a deal with the devil.  Now he has eternal youth and cannot be harmed by any means; what could go wrong?

Mean-spirited, abusive hypochondriac Walter Bedeker sells his soul to the devil (appearing as a rotund rogue who calls himself "Ted Cadwallader" here, as he likes the way the name rolls off his tongue) in exchange for immortality, adding enough conditions to keep him out of Cadwallader's clutches forever. To Bedeker's surprise, Cadwallader readily agrees to his demands, only stipulating an escape clause which allows Bedeker to choose the time of his death if he tires of being immortal.

An Episode from "The Twilight Zone" presented live in voice by Gyro Muggins

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