SUNDAY, October 4th at 1:30pm: TEA TIME at Baker Street!

Join the Tea Time Crew as they journey with Sherlock Holmes into THE VALLEY OF FEAR.

By studying the soles of Cecil Barker's slippers, Holmes ascertains that Barker used the sole of his own shoe to make the mark on the window sill so as to give the appearance that someone exited that way. Back at their lodgings in the village, Holmes tells Watson that Cecil Barker and Mrs. Douglas are certainly lying but that why they are lying is not yet clear. When a shotgun is fired at close range, the sound is muffled. The housekeeper heard what she described as a door slamming half an hour before the alarm was raised. Holmes believes that what the housekeeper actually heard was the shot fired when the murder really took place. White Mason, the Sussex detective, and MacDonald report that they have traced a bicycle found on the grounds of the house to an American staying at a guest house. It seems likely that he was the assailant since the gun used in the murder was of an American make, but there is no sign of the man.

And what is "The Valley of Fear"?  This week we conclude Part 1 of Conan Doyle's last Sherlock Holmes novel, before moving ahead to the past in part two next week.

Join Kayden, John, and Caledonia in the Fireside Room as they continue with Part Three of this six part presentation, live in voice.

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