Image for the cover of A TRIO OF IRISH TALES II
Created in Second Life by Derry McMahon
Caledonia shares the draft one of the stories for her upcoming November collection of short stories: A TRIO OF IRISH TALES II.

Cale says, " 2013's A Trio of Irish Tales is by far my best selling collection, ever. Finally, the much promised second volume of stories is well on its way to completion.

"More stories, more adventure, history, romance and mythology.  Three modern tales steeped in the lore of an ancient land.  A Trio of Irish Tales II will call to your Celtic soul, even if you never thought you had one."

Today, Cale reads from "The Fairy Tree" reuniting with young Liam Killough of "The Shadow by the Gate."  He and his family have settled into life in rural County Wicklow, but Liam is at continual odds with farm manager Rose McLane. The tension has been mounting and explodes with unexpected results, leaving young Liam desperate to set things to rights again.

Presented live in voice at the Seanchai Firecircle.
Will last 90 minutes.

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