THURSDAY June 12th at 7pm: LADON pt.2

The story of Ladon
Ladon, an enormous sea serpent, who was the very first monster to crawl out of the sea in search of food that wasn't fish, and who soon acquired an insatiable craving for human flesh. The scourge of the sea is summoned by Hera, Queen of the gods, who needs a suitable monster to ravage the countryside and massacre poor villagers. But most of all, she needs a monster powerful enough to defeat the brave hero Hercules, who has foiled her evil plans time and time again.

Ladon becomes a pawn in Hera's deadly game, but even mighty gods can sometimes be surprised. First, Hera learns that Iole, Daughter of the Rainbow, has secretly been helping Hercules, and vows to get even. But Hera's plans go awry - how could she have guessed that the terrifying serpent with the huge, ugly, wedge-shaped head could fall helplessly in love with a sweet, red-haired child.

The story of Ladon is one of deceit and treachery, poetry and love, as a beautiful young girl finds herself caught between a horrible monster's yearning and a gallant warrior's heroism. Amidst flying horses, jealous goddesses, sleek Amazons, and silver-tongued poets, hero and monster fight a vicious battle in a world full of hope and promise where Death changes nothing.


ISBN: 1-55546-243-X

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