Caledonia takes the stage at the Golden Horseshoe with more from her original stories about Ireland from her upcoming short story collection  A TRIO OF IRISH TALES II.

Stories from this collection include:

The Fairy Tree - Young Liam is back! (from The Shadow by the Gate) Armed with a new sense of belief in the unseen, he confidently goes back into the Wicklow countryside and discovers the power and the danger of getting what you wished for.

A Rock Beyond - Patrick is always left behind, or so it seems.  Eager to prove himself, he vows to spend the night at Teach Duinn, the gathering place of the dead on the most western crag of Irish soil.  What will Pat find beneath the rocks, among the waves, and beneath the cliffs?  Will he find himself?  Or perhaps he'll discover more than he bargained for!  - The Golden Horseshoe at Magicland Park, live in voice.

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