WEDNESDAY, January 2nd @ 7PM: An Original Irish Tale

Cover Art by Derry McMahon
Liam is a typical 21st Century teenager - he is so totally "wired" to his gadgets and the internet, that his family rarely sees his face, just top of his forehead.  He seeks his truths on the internet  Family circumstances change, and Liam's family relocates to Ireland to take care of his paternal Grandmother who is recovering from an accident.  Suddenly Liam is thrust into world that seems steeped in myths and legends, and finds himself bumbling into conflict with a pooka (pouca) over the "Pooka's Share" and the rascally spirit demands the respect it is due as the Shadow at the Gate.

A child of the diaspora, author Judith Cullen (Caledonia Skytower) grew up with stories told about her father and his Irish family.  Recently making a radical career shift, she has begun to craft short stories inspired by those tales, and by members of her own family in celebration of her Celtic roots. Shadow at the Gate will be one of three original stories epublished by her in the new year in the first of a series of "Trio" story collections: A Trio of Irish Tales.

Presented Live in Voice.

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