MONDAY, July 16th at 7pm: Part 2 ~ THE CORPSE WORE TARTAN

Nobody appreciates, like Liss MacCrimmon, how "Unruly" a gathering of Scots can be.  If it wasn't the prickly, variously truculent members of the Scottish Heritage Appreciation Society, its stolen brooches, and maybe more!

Liss and her friends continue to diligently weather the coming storm, while the air of intrigue gathering around them is as thick as the scent of haggis gone bad -- and that's pretty dang think!  Join Caledonia for more mysteries in plaid as the snowfall thickens, and so does the plot, at The Spruces in Moosetookalook, Maine.
From the Liss MacCrimmon Scottish Mystery Series by Author Kaitlyn Dunnett.
Presented live in voice.

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