StoryFest 2012 = March 10th @ Bran

Come hear stories from members of the Seanchai staff as well as others from around the grid Saturday, march 10th at Bran.

The morning session will kick off with Elder Priestman presenting the raucous and lusty "Onion Feast" chapter from author Jim Peyton's novel Zion's Cause, and conclude with author and poet Wolfgang Glinka presenting poetry and flash fiction. The Morning Session will take place at the Grand Story Circle on the terrace of the Branwen Arts Center:

The afternoon session begins with Dubhna Rhiadra and Caledonia Skytower presenting selections from popular author Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men, part of his Disc World Series. At 5:00pm Freeda Frostbite (RL Author Stephanie Mesler) wraps the day up with selections from her current novel in progress. The Afternoon Session will take place by the Fireside Story Circle on Bran's terra level:

For more information on the schedule and stories to be presented, visit the StoryFest Events Blog.

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