TUESDAY 15 November at 7pm: Asimov's "Tales of the Black Widowers" with Bear

Did you know Isaac Asimov wrote mysteries as well as about robots? Now is your chance to see another side of the great science fiction writer as Bear Silvershade delves into The Tales of the Black Widowers.
The Black Widowers were based on a literary dining club Asimov belonged to known as the Trap Door Spiders. (Members of the Widowers were based on real-life Spiders, some of them famous writers in their own right.)
Six club members meet once a month at a private room at the Milano restaurant in New York. Each one takes turn to act as host for the evening and brings along a guest for the occasion. The guest may be a friend, relative or colleague from work (women are not allowed at their meetings, though they are very welcome at Seanchai) and after the main course, guest goes on the grill and is asked to justify his existence… and the mystery solving begins. Story in voice.

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