WEDNESDAY 22 June at 7pm: Asimov Stories with Gyro Muggins

Tonight Gyro offers 3 gems from Isaac Asimov!

The Last Question" 1953 When the world's first supercomputer is finished, a workman secretly asks it a question, "What will we do when all the usable energy in the universe runs out?" Eventually the computer has an answer.

"Does a Bee Care?" 1957Unknown to the world, one nondescript individual is responsible for the entire space program. Does he know what he's done? Does he even care?

"Dreamworld" 1955 Ever have your mother say "keep making a face and it'll get stuck like that?" Young Edward is told about the science fiction dreams he loves, "one of these nights you won't be able to wake up ... You'll be trapped!"

Stories told in voice...

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