TUESDAY 10 May at 7pm: Asimov Sci-Fi Treats with Bear Silvershade

Bear Silvershade presents three of Asimov’s short, short stories:

It’s 2155 and Margie and Tommy find a real book in "The Fun They Had", then it’s back to present day for a trip to the amusement park in "Rain, Rain, Go Away" followed by a look at the problems of dealing with four-dimensional cats in "Time Pussy".

The Fun They Had (1951, 1047 words)Tom and Margie find a book that describes school from centuries earlier, where there was a real man as a teacher…

Rain, Rain, Go Away (1959, 2543 words)The Sakkaros seem to be a perfectly normal family, except for the constant suntanning and running inside whenever a cloud appears in the sky.

Time Pussy (1942, 1052 words)Old Mac had been a asteroid prospector back in the rush of ’37 - that was when he and his fellow miners found the last of the time pussies, catlike animals that stretch through time as well as space.

Stories in voice!

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