THE WEEK THAT WAS March 20 through 24

Derry (Above) and Shandon (with Derry below) at StoryFest (3.20.11)
Caledonia with the conclusion of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (3.21.11)
Bear Silvershade with Asimov's Robbie (3.22.11)

Happy Birthday Seanchai Library lead by Librarian Derry McMahon (3.23.11)
with Seanchai Shandon Loring
Caledonia Skytower
Aoife Lorefield
Gyro Muggins,and Bear Silvershade who was so busy taking pictures of everyone else we didn't get a picture of him!

Shandon Loring (top picture) entrances his audience with The Legend of Tam Lin: Faery Knight (3.24.11)

Sooooo many great shots this week . . .I just couldn't choose.

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