MONDAY, November 8 at 7:00pm: "The Graveyard Book" Concludes

"Wistful, witty, wise-and creepy. This needs to be read by anyone who is or has ever been a child." --Kirkus Reviews 

"This is an utterly captivating tale that is cleverly told through an entertaining cast of ghostly characters. There is plenty of darkness, but the novel's ultimate message is strong and life affirming..this is a rich story with broad appeal. " -- Booklist

"Like a bite of dark Halloween chocolate, this novel proves rich, bittersweet and very satisfying." -- Washington Post 

"THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, by turns exciting and witty, sinister and tender, shows Gaiman at the top of his form. In this novel of wonder, Neil Gaiman follows in the footsteps of long-ago storytellers, weaving a tale of unforgettable enchantment." -- New York Times Book Review 

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