WOI LIBRARY EVENTS for the Week of January 4 - 10

HAPPY NEW YEAR! And here we are ready to start this new year & decade right with more stories and great reads to share and recommend . . .

All Stories read live in voice. All times are SLT.

Monday, January 4 at 7:00pm: Part II of "The Magician's Elephant" with Caledonia Skytower

Tuesday, January 5 at 7:00pm: Andrea Barret's Short Story "Rare Bird" with Aoife Lorefield

Wednesday, January 6 at 7:00pm: Sherlock Holmes: "The Adventure of the Three Students" with Special Guest Onyx Plutonian

Thursday, January 7 at 7:00pm: IRELAND - An Epic Novel of History & Storytelling with WOI Seanchai, Shandon Loring

Sunday, January 10 at 1:00pm: Opening of the New Exhibit: Irish Traditional Musical Instruments with presentations featuring Elder Priestman and Rosslyn Guardian.

And here are some other WOI Storytelling events taking place across the Grid to benefit Project Children:

Sunday, January 10 at 3:00pm: Fairy/Folktale Remix with the WOI Storytellers at the Fruit Islands

Sunday, January 10 at 6:00pm: Selected Chapters from "The Magician's Elephant" with Caledonia Skytower in Magicland Park.

Stories all read Live in VOICE. IM the Storytellers for Landmarks to readings not taking place at the WOI Library, OR at the Library click on the Celtic Cross Window Ornament or the Large Green Leather Book by the Librarian's desk for a notecard with this schedule and embedded landmarks.

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