WEDNESDAY, March 11th at 7PM: THE BARD

Caledonia shares a selection from Morgan Llewellyn's fantasy on the magical lore of  Ireland, centered on one of the great figures of mythical ancient past: Amergin, Bard of the Gaels, son of Milesios Espaine'.  He's a figure out of the ancient past, shrouded in centuries and elaborations.

Most legends and myths are based on some truth, long forgotten . . . so, tonight join Cale  at the firecricle and imagine: what if?

"I am a wind in the sea
I am a sea-wave upon the land
I am the sound of the sea
I am a stag of seven combats
I am a hawk upon a cliff
I am a tear-drop of the sun . . . "

Presented Live in Voice

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