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In the years since the first story was told at Seanchai Library (then The West of Ireland Library and Cultural Center) there have been an amazing number of titles and authors presented; some presented annually or multiple times in over a decade.

For the list of over 2000 of titles and sessions presented, since 2008, CLICK HERE.

(Note: the archive list is a work in progress. If you can provide additional information for it, or have revisions to offer, please contact Caledonia Skytower)
This list is a partial, semi-representative list of authors whose work has been specifically featured during Seanchai Library's history...  
Hans Christian Andersen
Jane Austen
Andrea Barrett
Eavan Boland 
Anthony Bordain
Elizabeth Bowen
Ray Bradbury
Robert Burns  
Rhonda Carpenter
Billy Collins 
Frank Delaney
Charles de Lint
Charles Dickens
Arthur Conan Doyle
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Neil Gaiman
Rosslyn Guardian
Victor Hugo
Parker Jannick
James Joyce
Marian Keyes 
Benedict Kiely
Laurie R. King
Rae Laurie 
Neil Gaiman
Ursula Le Guin
Harper Lee
Elaine Levine 
C.S. Lewis 
H.P. Lovecraft   
Frank McCourt  
Melissa Mayhue
Sean O’Faolain
Mary Oliver
Edgar Allan Poe   
Arlene Radasky
Emerian Rich 
Dr. Seuss
William Shakespeare
Mary Shelley
Laurence Simon  
Robert Louis Stevenson
Mary Stewart
Bram Stoker
J.R.R. Tolkien
William Trevor
Elegia Underwood
Jules Verne
Maurice Walsh
H.G. Wells
Oscar Wilde



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