SUNDAY, September 18th at 1:30PM: EVIL UNDER THE SUN - Episode 5

 All times  slt/pacific.

@1:30pm: Agatha Christies' EVIL UNDER THE SUN Continues.

Hercule Poirot follows his own suspicions, while the local inspector to investigates the murder of Arlena Marshall. Bring your notepad and match your wits against Christie's great Belgian detective. No fair, if you already read the last page!

** About the Story to date:

Hercule Poirot takes a quiet holiday at a secluded hotel in Devon. He finds that the other hotel guests include: Arlena Marshall, her husband Kenneth, and her step-daughter Linda; Horace Blatt; Major Barry, a retired officer; Rosamund Darnley, a former sweetheart of Kenneth; Patrick Redfern, and his wife Christine, a former teacher; Carrie Gardener, and her husband Odell; Reverend Stephen Lane; and Miss Emily Brewster, an athletic spinster. During the initial part of his stay, Poirot notes that Arlena is a flirtatious woman, who flirts with Patrick much to the fury of his wife, and that her step-daughter hates her. One morning, Arlena heads out for a secret rendezvous at Pixy Cove. By midday, she is found dead by Patrick and Brewster while they are rowing. An examination by the local police surgeon reveals she had been strangled by a man.

The investigation continues . . .


Enter the world of Christie's 1941 novel at a seaside resort:  the Jolly Roger Hotel, inspired by Burgh Island on the Devonshire coast of England.

Holidays Can Be Murder!

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