THURSDAY May 6th at 7pm: Monsters of Mythology - ANTEUS!


"The gods are watching
Monsters of Mythology - ANTEUS!
part 1 of 2

Anteus is the monster antihero of tonight’s story. He is the towering, bloodthirsty son of Mother Earth and the Serpent of Chaos, a cannibal giant made happy only by the cries of human suffering. He is a hated but invincible king - until he encounters Hercules.
Their battle is arranged by Hera, Queen of the Gods. In a jealous rage, she has conspired to tilt the outcome in the giant's favor. Anteus has been given a magical power, so that if he is knocked to earth he will rise up stronger than before. Hercules is then made to vow that he will fight unarmed. Only as tall as Anteus's knee, the Theban hero appears doomed.
But other gods are watching . . .
This is a tale of comrades lost and prophecies fulfilled; of magically monstrous forces in battle. It is a riveting saga of those who thrive on revenge and are fueled by bloodlust, but it also tells of the even stronger powers of compassion and hope. It is about jealous rivalries and angers expanded to the scale of giants and gods, about brave sacrifices and heroic deeds, all within the turbulent world of myth occupied by heroes, gods, and monsters.

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Book: Monsters of Mythology - ANTEUS
Author: Bernard Evslin



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