THURSDAY, May 20th: Sci-Fi Adventures in Two Very Different Flavors

@ 7PM: LITTLE FUZZY begins

Protagonist Jack Holloway lives a solitary life mining valuable "sunstones" in the wilderness of the planet Zarathustra, managed by Victor Grego's Chartered Zarathustra Company, which built colonial outposts there and now reaps the benefits of the planet's resources. One day, Holloway meets a small golden-furred humanoid whom he names "Little Fuzzy", who soon introduces Holloway to his family. Holloway cares for the Fuzzies and spreads word of their apparently intelligent behavior. 

Kt presents H. Beam Piper's tale, live on Stream.


Contemporary Sci-Fi-Fantasy with Finn Zeddmore, from such source as Escape PodLight Speed, and Clarkesworld 'zines, and more! this week: "Sentinel" by by Chang-Gyu Kim from Clarkesworld Magazine (Nov 2019)

Live in Voice. 

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