FRIDAY, December 29th at 3PM; THE LAST STORIES at the 2017 Edition of The Dickens Project

@ 3PM - GHOST STORIES ~ More than Dickens!
 At The Dickens Project on LEA 7

Following a fine tradition of our friends and cousins across the pond, we've been heavily into GHOST STORIES this week, as we bring the 2017 Edition of The Dickens Project into its final days. 

Today will be the last story day on LEA 7, with stories by M.R. James and A.R. Burrage with Kayden Oconnell & Caledonia Skytower, in Dickens Square.

M.R. James' THE LOST HEARTS: a mysterious scholar welcomes an orphan boy into his home.  Yet the boy discovers he is not the first young person so welcomed, and ponders the mystery of the sudden disappearances of his predecessors, just as spirits from beyond the veil take things into their own ghostly hands.

A.R. Burrage's SMEE (as retold by Rosemary Border): What could be more playful and innocent than a game of hide-and-go-seek? Perhaps its cousin "Smee" (derived from "It's Me")?  How could a party of a dozen players suddenly come out as thirteen?  Who is the unexpected extra player?

Stories presented live in Voice.

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