2015 has been a fantastic year:

  • EXPLORE The Great Gatsby successfully piloted in Kitely
  • Invited to present a panel at 2015 Virtual World's Best Practices in Education Conference
  • Our Caledonia presented to the SJSU VCARA iSchool twice this year.
  • The Tea Time Crew completed their first complete circuit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's canon of Sherlock Holmes adventures.
  • We participated in Fantasy Faire for RFL and in SL Goth magazine's "Bats & Avi's" Fall Festival - both benefited charities.
  • Opening a new Seanchai branch on the InWorldz grid, compliments of our hosts the Community Library (not to be confused with the Community Virtual Library which is in SL)
  • We sent hundreds of dollars to a number of featured charities during the year
  • Seanchai Library was featured in the November 16th Episode of Designing Worlds
  • We were also featured in the December Issue of Windlight Magazine
  • Presented a highly successful and much lauded 2015 edition of The Dickens Project
2016 is going to be all that, and more!

"Crazy Eights" under construction at LEA 9 
 We will kick off our 8th year in Second Life with a five-month-long celebration of the spoken word on Linden Endowment for the Arts region 9, which has been granted to the Library for the winter and spring months.  "Crazy Eights" will feature several regular weekly programs in addition to special story events and workshop opportunities open to the entire community.

The popular "Tea Time at Baker Street" Sunday series will be moved to LEA 9, taking up residence in a purpose built Baker Street environment for the duration of "Crazy Eights." Sessions will commence presenting the "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" beginning with  it's first short story adventure "The Empty House" at a date to be announced in late January.  The Tea Time staff recently completed its first full circuit of the Sherlock Holmes canon of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and is well on its way through a second circuit of the 56 short stories, four novels and assorted shorter works.

Seanchai will also move one book series out of its weeknight schedule per month, which will take place on an island which will be designed to surround guests with 360 degrees of story support environment, "the words reflected in the visual environment," explained Library Lead Caledonia Skytower.  February is scheduled to feature Tracey Garvis Graves' "On The Island," and March will feature O.R. Melling's "Hunter's Moon" from The Chronicles of Faerie series.

2015's EXPLORE The Great Gatsby on the Kitely grid
Seanchai staff have been working with real world partner, Tacoma Little Theatre (TLT), on securing funding for another EXPLORE project, building on the success of last winter's EXPLORE The Great Gatsby pilot.  Funding was confirmed just before Christmas for a new edition of the online program due to open in April at Seanchai's property in the Kitely grid on the open metaverse. Supporting TLT's production of Christopher Durang's absurdist comedy "Vania and Sonia and Masha and Spike" the new Explore will focus on the works of Russian author and playwright Anton Chekhov and the reflection of many of his characters and situations in Durang's 2013 Tony Award-winning play.  At least one crossover  performance is currently planned of scenes from Chekhov presented by actors in the Explore build along with an actor live in front of an audience in TLT's home theater in the Pacific Northwest, U.S..

"Art at the Park" in Holly Kai park, SL
Additionally, we are in the process of developing a planned on-going partnership with "Art at the Holly Kai Park in Second Life which will begin in 2016 and be presented every four to six weeks. "Inara Pey and I were chatting about ways to encourage people to explore visual art installations, after the opening gala excitement had passed, in ways that would extend the relevance of an individual's interaction and keep the artwork itself the focus," explained Skytower. "Stories at the Park" was the result of this conversation.  Members of the Seanchai staff will compose short works of prose or poetry inspired by the artworks themselves, and present them in a live session at the Park.  

More details will be available on all of these programs as they launch over the next several months.  And we will continue to present their weekly story sessions, Monday through Thursday at 7pm slt, and in various weekend session on their home parcel at the Community Virtual Library on the Bradley University sim ( as well as their branch on the InWorldz grid, and on the Kitely grid on the open metaverse.

Come join us in 2016 for more exciting adventures!

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