SUNDAY March 17th - 1pm - 4pm St. Patrick's Day & Seanchai Library 17th Birthday!!

 VOL XVII: Seanchai Library Celebrates 17 on the 17th!

Sunday, March 17th beginning at 1pm

It's incredible! Seanchai Library celebrates 17 years of stories and story experiences in Second Life this Sunday, March 17th in the Glen on Nowhereville.

 Join us for music, stories, poetry and fun featuring Corwyn Allen, Shandon Loring, R. Dismantled, David Abbot, Aoife Lorefield, Finn Zeddmore, and Caledonia Skytower, Live.

Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • 1:00pm – Corwyn Allen – Music and Poetry
  • 1:20pm – Shandon Loring – “The Long and the Short of It”
  • 1:40pm – R Dismantled –  Assorted in 100 words at a Time
  • 2:00pm – David Abbot – Selection from the works of Damon Runyon
  • 2:20(30)pm -Aoife  Lorefield - Selected Poetry
  • 2:40(50)pm – Finn Zeddmore - "Murder or a Duck" by Beth Goder
  • Last (whenever that is) – Caledonia – Selection from the works of Maeve Binchy

Ceiliuradh Glen at Seanchai Library in Second Life

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