THURSDAY March 14th at 9pm - 10:15pm: THE BALLAD OF ROSAMUNDE


"With hair red gold and eyes of green. "

A pirate queen trapped in the realm of Faerie, Rosamunde can only be freed by true love. The man she loved is lost to her forever so she believes herself doomed. Padraig, long in love with Rosamunde, believes his life to be worthless since she disappeared. When he hears of her capture by the Fey, he is determined to set her free -- but can Rosamunde put the past behind her and learn to love anew?

Ceiliuradh Glen at Seanchai Library in Second Life

Storylink Radio's Celticworld in Opensim Kitely

Book: Mammoth Book of Irish Romance
Stories: The Ballad of Rosamunde
Authors: Claire Delacroix

This short story was published in the anthology, THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF IRISH ROMANCE, but was edited there for space constraints. The whole story is available on Kindle in The Jewels of Kinfairlie trilogy.

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