TODAY at The Dickens Project - 12.16 ... A Big Day in a Big Weekend!


Has it only been a week that this year's Dickens Project has been open? So much has happened! And we are about to transition into another phase of this year's event schedule: Carol Week!

But first . . .

@ 7-9pm - ECLIPSE CLUB & RESORT concludes their week-long residency Saturday night, December 16th:  Santa's Helpers with DJ Iniry at The Opera House

The HELP TINY TIM! hunt is underway.  This search-and-count style hunt invites you to “Help Tiny Tim!” who has left his crutch somewhere, everywhere across the two Dickens regions. Information on “Help Tiny Tim!” is available at the Welcome area.

CAROL WEEK begins Sunday, December 17th at Noon with THE BIG READ of A Christmas Carol. Then come the daily Story Tours, one Stave (or chapter) at a time Monday through Thursday. The tours combine a live presentation of the story with visits to the key locations across The Dickens Project that reflect specific parts of the story.  All tours will take place twice daily at 1pm & 7pm slt.

  • Monday, December 18th - Stave One "Marley's Ghost"
  • Tuesday, December 19th - Stave Two "The First of Three Spirits" 
  • Wednesday, December 20th - Stave Three "The Second of Three Spirits" 
  • Thursday, December 21st - Staves Four & Five "The Last of the Spirits" & "The End of It"

PLUS look for some special holiday events close in to Christmas, for those looking for a little extra comfort and joy! There's still plenty of music and stories to come!

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