SUNDAY, December 31st at The Dickens Project: Ghost Stories!


Winter ghost stories are a Victorian Tradition - after all, Dickens' A Christmas Carol is at heart a ghost story.

Trains became a popular mode of transport during Dickens’s lifetime, and he was a seasoned traveler, using the locomotive to travel the country to see friends and carry out his reading tours. But as this new technology developed there were also devastating accidents. Dickens himself experienced the Staplehurst Railway crash in 1865, a year before he wrote this story. Dickens was haunted by memories of the accident for the rest of his life.

“Now, sir, mark this, and judge how my mind is troubled.  The spectre came back a week ago.  Ever since, it has been there, now and again, by fits and starts.” 

“At the light?” 

“At the Danger-light.” 

“What does it seem to do?” 

He repeated, if possible with increased passion and vehemence, that former gesticulation of, “For God’s sake, clear the way!” 

Then he went on.  “I have no peace or rest for it.  It calls to me, for many minutes together, in an agonised manner, ‘Below there!  Look out!  Look out!’  It stands waving to me.  It rings my little bell—”

Join Caledonia Skytower for this tale and more.

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