SUNDAY, February 12th at 1:30pm: TEA TIME MYSTERIES!

A new iteration of Tea Time begins: 
Everything non-Holmesian from Christie to Hamett, classic sleuthing to hard boiled detectives of the noir-ish hue.

One short story and the beginning of a longer adventure:

I'll Be Waiting.  The shortest of Chandler’s stories; it is also the first—and only—one published in a “slick” magazine. Nearly all his previous works of short fiction had been published in the pulps Black Mask and Dime Detective, but Chandler wrote one for the Saturday Evening Post at the behest of his agent and was motivated primarily by the money such magazines paid. 

Red Wind - (begins, to be continued next week)A favorite of many Raymond Chandler fans, Red Wind sports a memorable first paragraph the set the evocative worlds of the noir tale. Chandler maintains the wind motif throughout the story. Throughout the mayhem Philip Marlowe solves a murder and tries to track down some missing pearls.

Live in voice.

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