MONDAY, January 1st at The Dicken Project: Come Fly with Us!


Established in April 2017 the Hawks Aerobatic Team is the culmination of a pylon race pilot joining forces with a seasoned combat pilot to experiment with importing well known RL aerobatic maneuvers into SL.

The Hawks took their name from the BAe Hawk they chose as their plane due to its superb handling characteristics and stability.  After their first show as a 'solo team' the Hawks began recruiting and training pilots.  The Hawks currently fly a 6-plane routine that includes a number of well-known maneuvers from RL aerobatics as well as some of their own unique creations.  

The Hawks are joined in the air over Dickens Harbour by Anemone Wing Walkers, and Team Phoenix.

Teleport to the venue from the Welcome Area

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