THURSDAY August 18th at 7pm: Monsters & Myth - THE CALYDONIAN BOAR pt1


"Impending evil, friendships & hope, battles & blossoming love"

The Calydonian Boar - A ferocious wild beast able to trample a warrior to bloody rags beneath its razor hooves. The boar is the handiwork of Artemis, goddess of the moon, who created it using mud from the River of Tears,where the strong wind caries the shrieks of the tormented, and hungry vultures hover like gulls. Artemis's monster ravages the land, carrying out the vain goddess's evil plan to randomly destroy mortal after mortal.

Meanwhile, a small child soon to be Artemis's main rival in strength and beauty is being raised in the hills by a family of bears. The wild child,Atalanta, grows into a mighty huntress who staunchly defends her animal family at any price. When one of her brothers is killed Meleager, heir to the throne of Calydon, she becomes immersed in a complicated struggle for love and power that involves not Meleager and herself, but also the king and queen of Calydon,the queen's two idiot brothers, a murderous band of outlaws, and a ferocious Simba hound that becomes Meleager's ally and best friend. But at the center ofit all stands the Calydonian boar, the most dangerous and threatening beast inthe land.

The tale of the Calydonian boar takes place in a world where no one is safe from impending evil. But it is also a world in which friendships grow and hope triumphs, as a huntress and her prince bravely battle against gods and beasts in order to protect their blossoming love.

Book: Monsters & Myth - THE CALYDONIAN BOAR
Author: Bernard Evslin

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