THURSDAY January 14th at 7pm: Monsters & Myth - PIG'S PLOUGHMAN pt2


"Vilemurk, the vicious Lord of Winter"

Tonight’s story features Vilemurk, the vicious Lord of Winter, also known as the Pig's Ploughman because he once turned himself into a gigantic hog and devoured the sun as easily as a pig eats an apple. The Pig's Ploughman captures Lyr, God of the Sea, by tempting him with a giant water crystal that blazes with rainbow light, and shackles the mighty god to an ice shaft that grows deep under the glistening fires of the earth. The Ploughman then freezes the seas, bringing devastation to sea life and seamen alike, threatening the world with a hunger from which it may never recover.

In another part of this ancient world, in a faraway place known as Eire, the Celtic hero Finn McCool learns of Lyr's imprisonment and vows to rescue him from the grim clutches of the Ploughman. He is joined on his journey by Kathleen ni Houlihan, daughter of the filthiest man in all the land, and together they set out on an adventure that will pit them against murderous smith demons, ice-breathing dragons, and ravenous mist crones who hunger for the wicked taste of human blood.

In an ancient time when myth and magic rule, the fate of a bright new land rests in the hands of two people. One, a brave young heroine, must face the risk of never seeing her family again as she plunges into confrontation against a vicious enemy. The other, a Celtic warrior, alone has the power to melt the icy indifference that the Pig's Plough­ man has cast over an unsuspecting world.

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Book: Monsters & Myth - PIG'S PLOUGHMAN
Author: Bernard Evslin


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