FINAL DAY of The Dickens Project: Fred & Clara Invite You to The Last Dance


Take one last turn in Bay Rum's Cart, or in the mine with Sultan.  Soar over Project and Harbour one final time. Pick up the presents in the Opera House before they are gone. And join us in Dickens Square for the Last Dance of this year's edition.

Thanks to everyone who made The Project possible this year: from our many performers to the many guests whose enthusiasm made all the hard work so worth it.

The Dickens Project Creative Team for 2020: 
Daark Gothly ~ Honey Heart ~ Dagmar Kohime
Gloriana Maertens ~ Willow Moonfire ~ Stevie Morane Basevi
Caledonia Skytower

With additional contributions by Aoife Lorefield, and Dawn Greymyst

Our Participating Communities for the 2020 Project: 
CEH Productions
The Community Virtual Library
Eclipse Club & Resort
Elite Equestrian
Idle Rogue Productions
Innsmouth - H.P. Lovecraft Inspired
Misfit Dance & Performance Art
Radio Riel
SL Hawks Aerobatics Team
Virtuoso Performing Arts

Seanchai Library would like to thank Linden Labs and Patch Linden, our 2020 Region Sponsor.

 And look for us in 2021 ~ Dickens On!

Dickens Square - Dickens Project - Main Landing Point

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