TODAY at The Dickens Project: Monday, December 21st

No recognition of the heritage of Christmas would be complete without acknowledging those much older traditions which preceded it. So today we have a little bit of everything in a varied collection of DJ dance events. Whether you choose to celebrate the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, seek something more traditional, or just want to boogie-oo-gie-oo-gie till you just can't boogie "no more", there should be something for you today at The Project.

  • 2-4pm: 
    Olde Yule Celebration with DJ Ktadhn Vesuvino at 
    Christmas Past Square - Dickens Project
  • 7-9pm: eClipse Club & Resort Presents DJ Iniry Vaher "All I Want for Christmas" 
  • 9-11pm: eClipse Club & Resort Presents DJ JAdmiral Maelstrom "Black & White Party" (plus after party till midnight)  
        Both eClipse events will take place at The Opera House - Dickens Harbour

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