AT THE DICKENS PROJECT: Pony Companion Give-away

Join us Friday, December 18 from 11 am - 12 noon SLT

and ride to win a FREE Sultan the Pit Pony companion at The Dickens Project!

This adorable little fellow is a Limited Edition only available at The Dickens Project and only on December 18 and 26.

Come to the Pony Ride Carousel, register to ride, then ride to win Sultan the Pit Pony companion Shetland. [Companion means he's small and cannot be ridden.]

~ Please line up in the maze. Move forward as each person gets on their pony so you are ready when your name is called! ~
~ Do not try to "cut" the line. The Ponies won't let you do it, so don't bother!~
~ Please watch for your name on your Pony and left click to sit on it. It goes fast, so watch. ~
~ If you are AFK when your Pony comes up, you will lose your turn and have to start over.~
~ The ride board will close to new riders after one hour. Riders on the board will be allowed to finish and win the prize! 
~ Do NOT teleport your friends into the pony enclosure. They will be ejected from the ride, so just don't you do it! ~

To register to ride:
~ CLICK the RED board to the right of the pony enclosure.  Please click only ONCE ~
~ After clicking ONCE, watch for your NAME to appear on the RIGHT of the board in the "Waiting List" ~
~ When your NAME moves to the LEFT under "Riders" immediately look at the ponies ~
~ Find the pony with your name in RED hover text above the saddle...LEFT-CLICK to sit when you get the chair/sit icon ~
~ RIDE the pony till it boots you off, then please step quickly out of the ride circle ~
~ WATCH your inventory!  The pony will send you a FOLDER with your prize (when it is laggy, it may take longer!) ~

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