SATURDAY, May 30th at NOON ~ Seanchai InWorldz: THE RELUCTANT DRAGON

Author Kenneth Grahame's (best known for The Wind in the Willows) most popular short story of all time.  It's all about perception.  I dragon is discovered on the Downs, and so he must be eradicated.  BUT, what if he hasn't done anything? What if he wants to make friends, settle down, write poetry?

"Oh, dear!" cried the boy, "I wish you'd try and grasp the situation properly. When the other people find you out, they'll come after you with spears and swords and all sorts of things. You'll have to be exterminated, according to their way of looking at it! You 're a scourge, and a pest, and a baneful monster!"

"Not a word of truth in it," said the dragon, wagging his head solemnly. "Character'll bear the strictest investigation. And now, there's a little sonnet-thing I was working on when you appeared on the scene--"

Enjoy this delightful tale live in voice at Seanchai Inworldz with Caledonia Skytower and Shandon Loring.

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